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The Bergen County Chamber of Commerce, is excited to announce “Member Monday”! Every Monday we feature/highlight one of our members by sharing either a bio or a featured article authored by a member. The article will introduce the member by either outlining the member’s professional biography, products/services, or providing information on a hot topic related to the author’s industry. Each article will contain the member’s contact information, a link to the member’s website, and can feature a professional headshot of the author (recommended)

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    The Bergen County Chamber of Commerce, is an organization that helps promote business through fostering new business relationships and forming strategic alliances. The main focus of the Bergen County Chamber of Commerce will be to refer quality leads to members on a continuing basis, while promoting Bergen County as a desirable location for small and mid-sized businesses to thrive, and national and international corporate headquarters to be housed. All members have a vested “ownership” and will consistently look for ways to improve as a team.


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