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May 13, 2024by Paul Sand
Kurt Steinbruch ISN Websites & Marketing Professional Headshot Image
Kurt Steinbruch
President – ISN Websites
Co-Founder – NJ Networking Events

[email protected]
[email protected]

Kurt Steinbruch is president of ISN (a website design and marketing agency), co-founder of NJ Networking Events, and serves as a board member for the Bergen County Chamber of Commerce.

ISN provides analytic-driven marketing solutions for clients looking to advertise across multiple mediums. Services include website design and development, digital marketing strategy and implementation, graphic design for ad creative for Facebook ads, Google Ads (Search, Display, Youtube), native display ads, banner ads, logos, post cards, billboards, magazine ads, flyers, organic SEO, traditional advertising (TV, radio, billboard, direct mail, etc), email marketing, content generation, social media management, and Hulu Ads. We fully integrate marketing campaigns across multiple platforms/mediums to maximize results while also optimizing efficiency by eliminating marketing team compartmentalization. ISN can design, develop, and deliver the required creative assets (images, videos, content) for all cross-platform marketing campaigns. Careful interpretation of analytics across marketing channels provides our clients with valuable insight into the effectiveness of their marketing strategy, messaging, and brand positioning.

Kurt has experience developing and deploying “hybrid” marketing strategies; combining traditional marketing such as TV, Radio, Magazines, Billboards with the detailed targeting and analytic capabilities offered within the digital space.

In 2014 Kurt co-founded NJ Networking Events, an all-industry professional networking event company. NJ Networking Events throws some of the largest networking events in the state of New Jersey with some events having surpassed 300+ professionals in attendance. A combined 15,000+ professionals in New Jersey have joined the NJ Networking Events MeetUp, LinkedIn, Facebook, or have subscribed to the NJ Networking Events email list. NJ Networking Events serves as a case study and demonstration of the power of branding and digital marketing as each networking event organized relies on the power of digital advertising to gain attendees.

Kurt is also an avid skydiver having logged over 600+ jumps over his 9+ years in the sport. Kurt created the largest private Facebook group for licensed skydivers in the United States: “United States Fun Jumpers” (8k+ members). Kurt is also one of the most recognized hot air balloon/helicopter jump organizers in the U.S. He organizes these specialty events using digital communication via his Facebook Group “North East Hot Air Balloon Jumpers”.

What is “Member Monday”?

Bergen County Chamber of Commerce, is excited to announce “Member Monday”! Every Monday we plan to highlight a Bergen County Chamber member by sharing an email blast containing either the member’s professional summary or an article written by the member about a topic within their industry. Every “Member Monday” email blast will contain the featured member’s contact information as well as a link to the member’s website. “Member Monday” provides value to our members by allowing them to highlight themselves in front of the rest of the chamber.

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