Member Monday – Frederic Farcy

December 19, 2022by Paul Sand
Frederic Farcy
President – TNTMAX

[email protected]

Frederic has 30+ years in the field of technology where he has developed expertise in cybersecurity, compliance, open-source technologies, and IT consulting.

Frederic was born and raised in the south of France. The day after his 18th birthday, he came to the United States, and by age 23 he had successfully become an American citizen. Growing up Frederic developed a deep fascination with science and technology. Later in life, while studying technology and mathematics in America, Frederic had the opportunity to study alongside Peter Norton, Linux Torvalds, Ted Ts’o, as well as other titans of the technology industry.

In 2001, Frederic started Trinity Network Technology, a consulting company specializing in IT and web services. In 2004, he rebranded the company to TNTMAX.  TNTMAX has been growing ever since – servicing customers across a wide spectrum of industries primarily located in the tri-state area but with clients worldwide.

Frederic enjoys spending time with his wife, Susan, and his daughters, Lily and Charlotte. Frederic also enjoys the discipline and hard work that is required to accomplish goals he sets for himself. In 2017, he ran 780 miles preparing for the New York City Marathon. He completed the marathon with a time of 4:17:41.

Frederic strongly believes in the importance of building his community. He previously served on his local Board of Education and also helped to oversee an elementary school Coder Dojo, which teaches and empowers children with skills such as developing websites/apps/games. He enjoys volunteering with his local Rotary club and serves on the board of Dawn Treader Christian School in Paterson.

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