Kurt Steinbruch

February 1, 2021

JS Media specializes in mainly traditional forms of advertising, including OOH (billboards, transit ads, supermarket ads), TV, radio, print, and online publications. His clientele come from a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, wellness, automotive, home services, accounting, law, food service, real estate/mortgage, retail, politics, education, and many more.

January 25, 2021

After decades of enterprise software experience, Adam Sroczynski formed eBusiness Technology, LLC in 1998 to help small and medium sized businesses capitalize on Internet technologies to enhance their marketing and operations. Adam took the experience he gained in automating business processes through technology in large companies and, after recruiting a team of experienced professionals, began offering related services that became possible and economical as the World Wide Web evolved. 

January 12, 2021

There are two basic realities regarding the world economy we are now dealing with.  First, the economic world will never return to the specific norms of the “pre-pandemic” universe.   Second, managing as though we will ultimately return to a status closely resembling the way our society worked before is both short-sighted and misguided.

December 21, 2020

John Aramini is the owner of Aramini Management, a business and management consulting company. Since 2005, Aramini Management has assisted organizations in the corporate, educational and non-profit arenas execute management and operational practice improvements to attain their goals and to better engage their customers and staff.

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The Bergen County Chamber of Commerce, is an organization that helps promote business through fostering new business relationships and forming strategic alliances. The main focus of the Bergen County Chamber of Commerce will be to refer quality leads to members on a continuing basis, while promoting Bergen County as a desirable location for small and mid-sized businesses to thrive, and national and international corporate headquarters to be housed. All members have a vested “ownership” and will consistently look for ways to improve as a team.


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